The Studios On Main Handbook

At Studios On Main, we champion the art of dance in a nurturing and vibrant environment. Our curriculum, spanning from preschool to advanced level classes, emphasizes technique, attitude, and commitment. We cater to all, from first-time dancers to seasoned competitors. Our progressive approach to teaching ensures that students are placed based on their ability, not solely age. We pride ourselves in creating a supportive community where each dancer’s journey is recognized and celebrated. Let’s embark on another year of rhythm, movement, and joy at Studios On Main!

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Classes and Class Levels

Level placement and advancement are based on technique, attitude, level of commitment, hours dancing per week, and the ability to PERFECT particular moves, not just age.

Tumble Levels

Tumble Team: You are required to take one dance class, jazz, or ballet to compete with the team. If you are on the team, you must compete!

Class Requirements

  • Contemporary – Students must be enrolled in a concurrent ballet class. (No Exceptions!)

  • Modern – Students must be enrolled in concurrent ballet class. (No Exceptions!)

  • Ponite – TEACHER PLACEMENT ONLY. Do not purchase unless you receive a letter stating approval.

  • Beginner Contemporary must have completed two years of ballet.

Tuition and Fees

Payment is due the first week of the month. TUITION IS BASED ON A TEN-MONTH CALENDAR, NOT ON WEEKS IN THE MONTH. Our Calendar runs from September – June. All payments are due before the 15th of the month. If you fall behind Payment arrangements can be made in the office, but if the payment arrangement is not met, it will void the arrangement, and all monies owed + late fees will be due immediately. Your child cannot attend classes if you fail to meet your arrangements until you are caught up.

All tuition must be paid to participate in competitions and the end of the year showcase. LATE FEE OF $10 MONTH AFTER THE 15TH.

Tuition is due to whether your child attends class or not. If your child is injured or ill and will not be able to attend the class for a longer period, a written doctor’s note will be required to make changes to your tuition agreement. We will suspend payment until they return.

Optional Costs


  • Showcase DVD or T-shirt (optional)
  • Showcase recital tickets
  • Costumes – depends on age, style, and level of class. $40-$80
  • Tights – not included in Costume price
  • Dance pictures – professional photos taken in May (no purchase required)

Picture Day

We do pictures in May. You may purchase photos but are not required. All students should attend Picture Day because we will post all groups on our walls.


Please notify the office if your child will miss class. Regular attendance is necessary to ensure students are prepared for performances. Please remember dance/tumble is a team sport, and when a child is regularly absent it affects the choreography and the other students. Makeup classes are available but it will not be the same choreography.

Inclement Weather

We will loosely follow Upper Perkiomen School District in regards to weather closures. However, if the school is open and bad weather develops during the day, we may close. Likewise, if schools are closed but we see significant clearing during the day, we may open that evening. We do our best to open for class if at all possible. If we are closed due to the weather, you are still responsible for tuition. Makeup classes will be available. We will send out a notice if open/closed.


We close for Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Years, Easter, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. These dates will be announced in the studio newsletters. We do not close on school early dismissal days or in-service days.

Parent Observation

Parents may wait in the waiting room and view class from the monitor. Parents of children age 5 and under must be present at all times while their child is in class. Children under 7 should be escorted up to the studios for a class. Children are to be picked up on time immediately after class. No child under 6 may sit unaccompanied in the lobby. We are not responsible for children after/before class. We do not allow regular parent observation during class. A distraction-free class provides the best dance education for your student. We supply a window and TV in the lobby, to monitor children in the classroom.

Changes in Enrollment

When a student drops/adds a class you must do this on the DSP APP where you pay your tuition. We will continue to charge you for tuition until this change is done in the app. Please be advised, tuition and costume payments previously made are non-refundable, even if your child drops a class.

Rolling Enrollment

We do registration all year round, but we cannot guarantee costumes for the end of the year Showcase after February. You must contact the office for us to see if we can receive it in time for pictures and Showcase. We charge from the date of enrollment and do not upcharge if you register after September.

Costumes and Dress


All costume payments are non-refundable. Costume companies require deposits to order a costume and they DO NOT return any money received. A 50% deposit for each costume will be due before costumes can be ordered. Also, any costumes that are ordered late will be charged a late fee from the costume company. Costume packets will be sent out Oct/November with information on costumes payments and more. All costume prices and pictures are posted in the lobby in November.

Dress Code

Studios on Main is committed to a traditional studio etiquette. Proper attire and classroom demeanor allow students to concentrate on instruction and allows teachers to make the most progress with their students. Proper attire helps us view the student’s body more clearly and make corrections regarding movement and positions. Specific shoes are required for each class!

  • All students are required to wear their hair up for class! Buns in the hair are required for ballet, pointe, modern, and contemporary.

  • Tights are to be clean and free of holes.

  • All students should arrive/leave the studio in cover-ups over their dance/tumble attire.

  • Dance shoes are not to be worn outside the studio. Street shoes are not to be worn inside the studio.

  • No jewelry is permitted for class except for stud earrings.

  • Only water is allowed in the studio! No phones!

Private Lessons

Private lessons will be given only to those who will compete. Private’s will not be given to those who only want to perform in recital as we do not perform solos/duo in recital.


  • You cannot miss more than 4 classes all year or you lose your time slot.

  • Solo/duo payments are paid weekly

  • Solo/duo students must start their solo by Oct 1 to be eligible for competition

  • Solo/duo classes are considered a privilege and will be canceled if the student is not working to full potential

  • Private lessons cost $30 per half hour & Duos – $15 per half hour per student


We will be using the APP – DSP APP this year. You must download the app to get all communication, TUITION, forms, calendars, and information for the studio.


Winter Concert

Our performance in Dec. is optional, if your class is chosen please make sure to tell their instructor if you do not want to participate. Tickets average $5 – 10 approx. No costume fees for this performance, you supply tights and shoes.


  • Company members are chosen by a vote of ALL the teachers. There must be a unanimous vote for someone to be moved into the company.

  • Company dancers MUST take ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, and one elective class to be eligible.

  • Company summer camps are required.

  • Just because you are a senior does NOT mean you will advance to our advanced level.

  • Voting is based on technique, attitude, ability, maturity, attendance, and classroom behavior. WE ARE ATTENDANCE AND SKILL BASED!

  • Parents’ attitudes and behavior are also factoring in teacher decisions.

  • Company class does not mandate weekend rehearsals but in the event of a surprise performance, one may be scheduled. This has only been done a couple of times in several years.

  • Tuition must be paid in a timely fashion to compete, and may not be more than 30 days past due at any time.

  • Company jackets or uniforms may be required.

  • Placement is for one season, you may be moved up or out of a company if the student is not keeping with the level of the team. You are NOT guaranteed a team spot more than one season at a time.

  • Teams are for the committed students who attend classes regularly.

  • Company team fee of $50 due by Oct. 1st of each year, this is a yearly fee.