Ballet is the bedrock of all dance forms – an essential discipline that every dancer, regardless of their preferred style, should learn and master. At Studios On Main, we hold a deep commitment to teaching ballet correctly and comprehensively. Our approach blends the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus with elements from the Vaganova method and other ballet styles, ensuring our students develop into well-rounded dancers.

We place a heavy emphasis on ballet terminology, ensuring our dancers understand not just the movements, but also the language of ballet. This approach equips them with the tools to delve deeper into their dance studies and cultivates a profound respect for the discipline.

We believe in challenging our students, nurturing their growth, and pushing them to continuously evolve their skills. To advance to higher levels, our dancers must demonstrate mastery of certain skills and meet specific hourly requirements. This approach ensures every student progresses at a pace in line with their development and readiness for more complex techniques.

In every ballet class, students are expected to follow the traditional etiquette. This includes everything from their dress code to their behavior, encouraging an atmosphere of respect, discipline, and dedication. Through ballet, our students not only learn dance techniques but also absorb invaluable life skills such as discipline, resilience, and grace.


En pointe training is an intense and rewarding journey, taken only after a dancer has displayed strong, consistent technique and mature physical development. This specialized form of ballet requires the strength and grace of the legs, feet, and back, along with a deep understanding of ballet techniques.

At Studios On Main, en pointe training is meticulously curated, ensuring a seamless transition from ballet. The focus initially is on mastering the proper technique in classwork before introducing the intricacies of dancing en pointe. This approach builds the necessary strength, alignment, and balance skills to safely perform Pointe work.

It is important to note that concurrent ballet training is a requisite for our en pointe classes. This continued focus on ballet ensures a consistent and robust foundation for the rigors of en pointe. Dancers must have multiple years of ballet experience under their belt and must pass an audition with the teacher to verify readiness for en pointe training. This process ensures that every dancer embarking on the journey of en pointe does so safely and effectively.