Contemporary / Lyrical

At Studios On Main, we offer an immersive Contemporary/Lyrical dance class that is both emotive and versatile. A unique blend of various dance forms, this genre is not confined to specific rules or techniques but instead draws upon the strengths of modern dance, ballet, and jazz.

Drawing on the spontaneity and improvisation of modern dance, students are encouraged to explore dynamic footwork, floor work, and original movements. The precision and grace inherent in ballet form a crucial backbone of the curriculum, providing a fundamental structure upon which students can build and expand. Additionally, the incorporation of jazz influences adds a lively energy and rhythmic diversity to the classes.

One of the most beautiful aspects of contemporary/lyrical dance is its connection with music and lyrics. In our classes, students will not only learn to move gracefully but also to interpret and express the feelings and stories encapsulated within a song. Each routine is not just a dance, but a personal expression of narrative and emotion.

Another key component is the emphasis on personal interpretation. Contemporary/lyrical dance thrives on individual creativity, and our classes are designed to foster this exploration of movement. Students are encouraged to create a dance style unique to themselves, making each performance one of a kind.

To ensure that all students possess a solid foundation, it is a requirement for anyone enrolling in the Contemporary/Lyrical Dance class to be registered and actively attending a current ballet class.

Join us and experience the rich blend of dance styles in our Contemporary/Lyrical Dance class, where movement and emotion unite to create truly expressive performances.


At Studios On Main, our Modern Dance classes offer students the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the freedom and creativity of expression through movement. This class isn’t restricted to a singular style or technique, instead, we provide a rich tapestry of diverse approaches that offer students a comprehensive understanding of the genre.

Modern Dance is all about liberation from the traditional constraints of classical ballet and exploration of the vast possibilities of movement. Our class allows students to discover their personal connection to their bodies and the space around them, stimulating a sense of individuality and creativity.

Key elements of our Modern Dance curriculum are improvisation and composition. These activities not only encourage students to tap into their creativity but also provide them with a deeper understanding of how movements can be combined and manipulated to create original dance pieces.

The physicality of Modern Dance shouldn’t be underestimated. The class places a significant emphasis on strength and conditioning to ensure that students have the necessary physical capabilities to perform the dynamic and often demanding movements that Modern Dance involves.

We also believe that a strong technical foundation is vital for any dancer. That’s why we require all students participating in our Modern Dance class to also be registered and actively attending a ballet class. Ballet equips students with the discipline, precision, and foundational skills that will enhance their modern dance experience.

Join us in our Modern Dance classes at Studios On Main to experience the unique fusion of freedom, creativity, and physicality that makes this genre so captivating and expressive.

You MUST BE registered in and attending a current ballet class to take these classes.