Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dance at Studios On Main is all about energy, style, and self-expression. Originating from the streets, hip hop dance has grown into a powerful and popular genre that encompasses a wide variety of styles, and we bring this diversity into our classes.

Our Hip Hop classes are designed to be both enjoyable and challenging. Students will learn the basics of different hip hop dance styles including recreational dance, funk, pop and lock, and even some elements of breakdancing. Each style brings its unique flavor and physicality, creating a rich and diverse learning experience.

But hip hop dance is not just about the moves. It’s a form of self-expression that tells a story or conveys an emotion. In our classes, we teach students not just how to move, but also how to infuse their dance with character and individuality.

This class doesn’t only improve your dance skills but also boosts confidence, creativity, and physical fitness. The fast-paced and energetic nature of hip hop dance makes it a fantastic aerobic workout that improves flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Whether you’re new to hip hop or have some experience, our classes cater to a range of skill levels. Our instructors will guide you through the steps and routines, ensuring you’re challenged but also having fun.

So, come join us in our Hip Hop Dance class at Studios On Main. Unleash your energy, express yourself, and immerse in the vibrant world of hip hop dance!


Jazz Dance at Studios On Main offers an engaging and energetic experience for dancers of all levels. Rooted in the rhythm of jazz music, this style has evolved to include a diverse range of techniques, making it a popular and versatile dance form.

Our classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, and conditioning, with progressions that include turns, kicks, and leaps. This technical foundation is essential to all dance forms, and provides students with a comprehensive skillset.

More than just technique, Jazz Dance is about expressing individuality. We encourage students to incorporate their unique style into performances, fostering a sense of creativity and personal flair.

Students will learn choreography set to a mix of contemporary hits and classic jazz tunes, providing a taste of the style’s rich history and evolution.

Our Jazz Dance class is perfect for anyone beginning their dance journey or looking to expand their dance repertoire. Join us at Studios On Main for an exciting dive into the world of Jazz Dance!


Tap Dance at Studios On Main is a rhythmic adventure that enhances a dancer’s coordination, timing, and agility. By providing traditional techniques alongside a range of styles, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic dance form.

In our Tap Dance classes, we emphasize rhythm and sound, fostering a keen musicality in our students. This isn’t just a physical workout; it’s an auditory exercise that hones the ability to match movement with beat, cultivating a harmonious dance experience.

Beyond the auditory experience, tap dancing enhances physical flexibility and stamina. It encourages greater stretch in the knees and ankles, improving overall fitness and mobility. The precision and speed developed in our classes lead to an increased level of dance virtuosity.

Join us in the exciting world of Tap Dance at Studios On Main. Discover the joy of movement paired with sound and nurture your sense of rhythm in this dynamic dance class!